Our X-Shop: flexible and fast

We offer web-based shop solutions on the basis of our X-CMS to medium-sized businesses. Our X-Shop is an easy-to-use e-commerce solution and is used to process your sales on the Internet. The database-based system can be adapted to branch specific requirements by means of additional modules. Additional business functions such as, for example, accounting, invoicing and warehouse accounting can also be integrated into the X-Shop.

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Compared to various open-source systems on the market, our X-Shop offers some advantages:

- Mobile layout of the frontpage
- Based on a MySQL database (number of products is practically unlimited)
- Partial automated business processes (eg purchase orders)
- Optimized for high loading speed in the network
- No third-party extensions required
- Solid and slender programming code (php 7.x and javascript)
- CMS: Texts and images are editable in the backend
- Complete accounting (revenue overruling and invoicing)
- Cost center and profit center accounting (for example, result per product group)
- Preparing the sales tax prepayment
- Economic analyzes including the profit and loss account and including Excel export
- User administration: allocation of different rights

Administration backend:

1.) Enter a new product:


2.) List of all products in the webshop:


3.) Accounting (single entry accounting):