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As a web developer, we create company-specific and database-based web applications for successful commercial use. These include complex websites with special features typical of the industry, such as portals and shopping sites.

You know the business processes in your company. We develop web-based applications that improve your online sales and can support you in day-to-day operations.

The static websites of past days, which mainly served to display images and texts, have meanwhile become highly complex and dynamic apps such as For example, online shops, auction houses, forums and special applications. Modern web developers use the latest web technologies today. This includes, for example, responsive web design, i.e. the optimization of the website for different mobile devices with different screen sizes.

The task of a web developer or web developer is the planning and development of web applications in companies and the support and maintenance of websites. This typically also includes the creation of requirement analyzes, the development of solution proposals, the compilation of the requirements and functional specifications, the design of the software and database architecture as well as the development and implementation of the productive code with appropriate error handling and correction. After all, the web developer is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the software installations.

In addition to developing web-based software solutions, he is also responsible for the design and graphics of a website. His other tasks in online marketing include dealing with search engine optimization and social media. The web developer works closely with content managers, web designers, business analysts and social media managers.

The basic knowledge of a web developer typically includes programming knowledge in HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, PHP, SQL and Javascript. Full-stack web developers combine the skills of back-end and front-end developers. Front-end web developers generally have basic knowledge of web design (HTML, CSS) and can program dynamic websites with Javascript and AJAX. Depending on the type of project, knowledge of client-side frameworks may be required. Backend developers master the theory and practice of relational databases and have experience with the SQL database language (Structured Query Language) and the server-side script language PHP. There are also various frameworks and libraries in the backend area, which can be used depending on the type of project. Finally, the backend developer should also be familiar with XML and JSON.

In addition, they are also able to take on tasks from system administrators, data scientists and machine learning developers.

In addition, a web developer should have up-to-date knowledge in the areas of search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing. An important trend in the field of web development is the topic of big data. It's about analyzing and filtering large amounts of data to get useful information for corporate websites.

In the case of corporate websites in particular, the degree of complexity is often very high and the technical progress in web development is rapid. That is why web developers have to keep training to stay up to date. A lifelong willingness to learn is essential in this area.

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