Web development

As a specialist in web technologies, we develop company-specific web applications for successful commercial use. These include complex websites with branch-specific features, portals and shopping pages.

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Management consultancy

Do you have an entrepreneurial crisis to deal with? Are you looking for a professional consultant to help you implement your individual growth, change or internationalization strategies? We have the expertise and many years of experience.

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Individual software

In practice, standard software is used to a great extent. However, individual applications often have to be programmed for specific tasks, since there are no prefabricated standard solutions.

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Specialized software


Real estate owners with a variety of holiday, exhibition and fitter's accommodations etc. we offer a web-based special solution with branch-specific characteristics. It primarily serves the modern marketing of real estate on the Internet. But in the backend, it offers numerous special administrative functions for your apartments. The software has been successfully used for years. But there are still significant potentials for further development in customer projects.

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Our X-Shop: flexible and fast


We offer web-based shop solutions on the basis of our X-CMS to medium-sized businesses. Our X-Shop is an easy-to-use e-commerce solution and is used to process your sales on the Internet. The database-based system can be adapted to branch specific requirements by additional modules. Commercial additional functions such as, accounting, invoicing and warehouse accounting, for example, can be integrated into the X shop.

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Customer project: web development

In principle, we only develop dynamic websites for commercial use. Our target group is medium-sized companies with complex structures and high demands on effectiveness and efficiency. The backbone of our web development is the X-CMS, a framework programmed in PHP. It includes ready-made modules for the most important requirements in the front and back end. Custom-designed functions are developed in our company. External software is not required. We use the following techniques for our web development: PHP, SQL, Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. We look forward to your interesting projects!

News  / projects

May 2017: (X-CMS Version 1.3)

  • Multilingualism in all modules (real estate, apartments)
  • Integration online-calculator

April 2017:

  • Improving many backend-functions (e.g. booking calendar)
  • Module for user ratings
  • Online-search order for holiday apartments


New project requests:

Please do not ask any more about Joomla, Wordpress or various shop systems like Magento!

New installations are only offered with our in-house X-CMS!

Web development:

We have already converted our X-CMS and all modules to PHP 7.x!

Management consultancy:

We also offer combined projects in which our web development is connected with a management consultancy.